Some images of Frances from family and friends:

4 thoughts on “Photos

  1. She is a very caring women whom opened her doors and lent an ear when others would not. In the face of obstacles she was willing to fight for the helpless. A good woman indeed and my humblest prayers to her. She’s made a world of difference to many and what a legacy.

  2. Frances has left a deep imprint of caring for others on this planet – especially the marginalized and the damaged ones. Without apology, she demanded that we care too. And because of her – we did.
    Thanks Frances.
    Rest well dear one – rest well.
    Rick Jackson, former ADC, Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

  3. I am still trying to digest this news. There are few people we meet in our lives that have the impact of an individual like Frances. She was the living proof of how determined, dedicated and caring one could be to further worthwhile causes. Her personal sacrifices and the risks she took for others were a real education about what is possible. The matter-of-fact way that she humbly managed complex situations always amazed me. She taught and led by example, an example we’ll all truly miss.

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