Frances’ family would like to thank all her friends, colleagues and extended family for their support and presence at her memorial.

Her memorial was held on January 14, 2012 from 1:30PM to 4:00PM at The Wise Hall.

For those unable to attend the memorial, we have posted these videos of the event.

Frances MacQueen: An Original Life – a slideshow of her life and work

Part 1

Part 2

7 thoughts on “Memorial

  1. It has been many years since I’ve had an opportunity to work with Frances, but certainly recall the times that we did join up in common cause. Her fiery spirit and passionate determination to ensure refugees would be protected and that the scourge of torture would be banished from our planet were, to say the least, forces to be reckoned with. Unwavering, caring, principled, feisty, compassionate … so many words and memories come to mind. She will be missed, far and wide. Alex Neve, Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada

  2. Sarah, John and Peter my condolences for your lose.
    She’s an exceptional woman who gave her love to those less fortunate and people misguided as I. I’m alive because of her goodwill. How for worse, the lives of many could have been if it wasn’t for her. Though I barely knew Francis, she’s a woman I’m grateful beyond words. She’s a woman that was compassionate even when I could not be. Thank-you Francis. My blessings to your life. Thank-you.

  3. - Hi Frances!
    - Hi Mariam!
    I hear your voice pronouncing my name the way it is pronounced
    in my homeland, Iran. I see your smile and that special tenderness
    sparkling from your eyes.
    My honeymoon with Canada was shaped by your unique presence,
    at your unique VAST. You have been the face of the compassionate
    Canada I learned to love… up until 9/11.
    Then, Canada changed and you became more and more that fortress
    of empathy and love, and also the never ending flame of wrath and outrage against every violation of the rights of your heroes, our heroes; those dignified women, men and children who had survived the worst in their countries and had come to this country hoping to find safety and protection. Our VAST was safe and hugs were our way of greeting them.
    While interpreting for an old man about to be deported and being shocked
    by two individuals, his so called lawyer and interpreter, both of whom were concerned with nothing other than the man’s wallet, I could just think: Frances!
    And the crushed man survived, got his status and continued filling the air with the fragrance of his baked delights.
    Frances the guardian angel… countless stories…
    When I immigrated to Canada with my two sons in 1996 and had
    to go through the anxiety-ridden struggle to find a job, I felt more welcomed by the English Canada than the French one, despite feeling much more comfortable in French than in English. Whenever I state that, I realize each time that the English Canada I had in mind had your face.
    I have always blessed that day in 1998 when I first met you. It was at an IRB hearing where Lesley successfully represented a frail refugee claimant and her two young children who had fled Ben Ali’s Tunisia. You were, once more, the family’s guardian angel.
    From that point on and for years, VAST with you and Mahshid became
    the hub of love and support I deeply enjoyed breathing in.
    I haven’t seen you for years. The only advantage of this disadvantage
    is that I continue thinking and feeling the Frances I know is there, somewhere, surrounded by all the people she loves, fights for, protects
    and nurtures…
    The cherry tree you gave me has been with me, growing stronger each year, blossoming every spring. I look at it and I see you blossoming through your fight for a better humanity
    Lucky me for having known and admired you.
    Thanks for every single beautiful memory you left in my heart…
    I look at you on the website. Your white crown looks so gorgeous
    and the echo of your laughter fills the air…
    Thanks for being FRANCES… for ever.
    Much love and hugs for Sarah, John and Peter.
    Vancouver, December 2011

  4. Dear Frances you saved my life, I was one the tortured, you helped, I almost took my own life due to the traumatic memories that hunted me all my life, thank you Frances I can enjoy my grand kids, and when I do it I always have a thought for you.

  5. France MacQueen was our Mother Teresa of Calcuta in Canada
    and Latin America.

    I express deep condolences to John and Sara with strong love as
    a brother Rafael.

    With Compliment.

  6. As a Colombian human rights attorney and refugee, I always will owe to Frances MacQueen, the honor to realize her fascinating and exceptional leadership put exclusively to serve the most vulnerable and unprotected immigrants – not only in Vancouver but also in Africa and South America- and to encourage me to continue, in my way, exercising such a iconic example that I returned to Colombia –when I met her first- to the same…
    To me, Frances is a iconic human rights defender as nobody in B.C.
    Peace to Frances, and thanks for your invaluable help to the Latin American immigrants, especially to us, the political refugees.

    Pablo Bustos

  7. Frances was the kind of person who could identify injustices with not effort, because her daily activity was precisely fight injustices…

    We are glad to have had the chance to speak with her in Vancouver, she gave so much light and hope to our family…

    Her memory will continue to live in the hearts of those who knew her and where able to feel her passion and energy in her solidarity with other human beings… Her determination for the well being of others demonstrated her love…

    We will remember you always following your example!

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